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Weekly Boozer: Bourbon Slushes

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When I think of certain people they remind me of certain drinks. Maybe it is their personality. Or because of a fond memory shared with them. Possibly it is their favorite libation or the only one they are willing to consume. Sometimes it is because they wrote the recipe or it is a family tradition. This is Amy’s drink – Bourbon Slushes. I think of her anytime I hear about or drink this cocktail and vice versa. Don’t under-estimate this drink, a picture could never do it justice!!

Bourbon Slushes

3 cups bourbon, cheap (I hesitated, but took her advice… after all it is “her” drink!)
3 cups sugar
6 tsps instant tea, unsweetened 
1 container orange juice concentrate, plus 4 of water
1 container lemonade concentrate, plus 4 of water
lemon-lime soda, chilled (diet if you prefer)

Directions: In a very large bowl combine: bourbon (we used Evan Williams), sugar and tea granules. Mix well until most of the sugar and tea has dissolved (you don’t want clumps of instant tea or sugar – bleck!); Stir in concentrates and water and pour into containers to freeze. I used a large bowl with a lid, but if you want slushes faster you could use ice-cube trays or smaller Tupperware. Freeze (takes about 6-8 hours). Remove desired amount from freezer and stir with a fork to create slush; fill glasses 2/3 to 3/4 full and then top with lemon-lime soda. Drink up 😀

These are sweet, sour, tangy and very cool. Perfect for the summer, a BBQ or any type of party because it makes quite a bit. P.S. I think the cheap sour mash bourbon really gives it a key part of the flavor. Amy says they almost always use cheap because you are freezing it. All I know is I love bourbon slushes – they remind me of my dear friend.


Weekly Boozer: Shiner Ruby Redbird

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Ruby Redbird is Shiner’s newest seasonal beer designed for summer.  It is brewed with grapefruit and ginger.

The ginger is what really got me excited about this brew. Well and unlike most I LOVE grapefruit. Unfortunately I found the ginger to be subtle and really not noticeable until the finish. Which is still delightful, just not as prominent as I had hoped.  The contrast is perfect though – I will definitely be cooking something up with grapefruit and ginger in the near future. I also look forward to cooking chicken on the grill with the beer itself. Back to it: you can smell the citrus and grapefruit aroma off the bat! Very refreshing, crisp and slightly tart – as good grapefruit should be. Only the slightest hint of bitterness. Little to no head on the pour; which dissipated quickly. Beautiful red-orange amber color!! Overall I would buy this beer again, but it is not something I would want to drink a plethora of in one evening.  I will be interested to see if any non-grapefruit eaters will find anything for them in this brew. I would be surprised, as the grapefruit really sings through on multiple levels; but, beer has a way of bringing people, things and new experiences together.

Oh and I am smitten with the name! Ruby Redbird. So rockabilly and almost vintage. Definitely a bright and sassy name for this new summer brew. Enjoy!

Leftover Fruit Smoothie

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I know. I know. That doesn’t sound appetizing, but I am working with the abundance of leftover fruit from my company this weekend.  It includes: watermelon, blueberries and bananas.  If you can think of a clever smoothie name that describes these things then – touché! I can not. It’s a smoothie, there is leftover fruit. It’s purpley. Promise it’s tasty. The End.


1/2 large banana, frozen
1/3 cup blueberries, frozen
1 cup watermelon, chopped
1/4 cup pineapple juice, chilled 
1/4 cup ice

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in a blender; process until smooth. Pour in a glass. Ta Da beautiful, delicious and nutritious breakfast, or snack… or whatever.

I love that this is an all fruit smoothie (i.e. no dairy or added sugars). It tasted like something from Smoothie King (a smoothie company I adore.) It was a beautiful, naturally sweet and refreshing breakfast.  I have never made a smoothie with watermelon before, but to be honest that flavor did not stand out.  Tomorrow I may try something focusing more on that fruit alone… especially since I have A LOT of it. Watermelon and ginger, or green tea, or ??? should prove interesting.

P.S. I like drinking my breakfast. Is that weird?

Weekly Boozer: Blue Lagoon Margaritas

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It’s that time again. This week it was gladly received.  I have been drinking mostly beer and these delightful and stout margaritas were a delightful reprieve.  Really this should have been a Cinco de Mayo post, but Thursday I was drinking Shiner and grilling hot dogs. That’s how we roll. Today: Drinking… packing… some more drinking… some more drinking whilst avoiding packing. Lol. Some exaggerating.  There has mostly been errand running, packing and miscellaneous shopping, but these were in the mix somewhere.

Here is how to make your own:

Blue Lagoon Margaritas

Fancy paper umbrellas
… or orange, lime, etc for garnish
1 Tbsp coarse sugar (or salt… I am a salt rim kinda gal)
1/2 cup Sprite, chilled
1/2 cup Tequila
1/3 frozen limeade concentrate, partially thawed 
1/2 cup Blue Curacao
2 ounces pineapple juice
2 cups ice cubes

Directions: Sprinkle sugar or salt… or mix onto plate; using water or citrus slice, rub the rim of glasses and then press into sugar/salt to rim glass. Combine remaining ingredients in blender, cover and process. Pour slushy blue goodness into prepared glasses. Enjoy.


Simple. Sweet. Oh so slightly tart. Tequila kick. Margaritas. Though I have to say not too fond of the name. Blue Lagoon… can’t help but think of creatures instead of pools of blue water.  They are a lovely blue and that thought quickly faded with each sip. Also I like saying Curacao. It reminds me of something Beavis & Butthead would say, over and over. I laugh and drink more, people stare and life is normal. Here is hoping your weekend is normal and Happy Mother’s Day to all (those with four legged children too! 😉 )! EO

Weekly Boozer: Magic Hat-Vinyl

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Seasonal beers seem to be growing in both popularity and production.  We picked one up this weekend produced by Magic Hat Brewing Company: (Spring Seasonal) Vinyl Amber Lager.

Amber right off the bat covers the color of this yeasty, slightly bitter beer.  At first smell – yeast, and then hints of smoke, caramel, a nice spring grassiness.  While the beer has a lot of aroma it was not an overly complex beer, mildly hoppy, not overly bitter and slightly sweet with a hint of apple flavor.  The beer, when poured, has about a two finger off-white head which falls quickly.  All around I found it to be a pretty tasty treat.

How I arrived at my decision to drink this beer? Marketing of course! I am a sucker for the labels and this one does not fall short!! I mean these colors are fantastic! It also has a great vintage side-show appeal and I am glad it lured me in 🙂 So overall review very drinkable, would not drink everyday (due to the sweetness factor) – worth the $$.

Hope you have a hoppy weekend! 😀

Weekly Boozer: Gimlet

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I took a drink personality test once.  Yes… I did, this is apparently also a confession… that once I might have wasted five minutes of my life answering questions to see what kind of drink I was based on my personality.  I was a Gimlet.  I think the test was rigged; my husband was a Gimlet.  We have very different personalities, but “we” are Gimlets.

Needless to say a) I would attach a link, if I could remember or find this elicit test (it was on Food & Wine website, or Epicurious… or Gourmet – some site along those lines.)  I would love for you to take it… you might be a Gimlet too; b) I didn’t know what a Gimlet was (a small sad feeling… not knowing my own drink personality, since we have been  together for so long. ;))  I quickly investigated and mixed it up (recipe below).  Turns out that many believe the Gimlet was created by an early 20th century British naval surgeon to combat scurvy.  I hate scurvy too, maybe they are on to something with this 🙂

But on with the show, it is a tasty and super easy little number.   If you are a fan of sweet, lime, and gin (or vodka) then you should give it a shake!  I personally think it is a bit sweet this way, while my husband adores it.  You can tone it down with a splash of club soda… or make it with fresh lime juice and a sweetener like simple syrup or powdered sugar – keeping you in control of the sugar level!


Tools & Directions: Cocktail Shaker; shake and strain into a martini or old-fashioned glass (any container really…). A lime garnish would be nice, but hey we are fresh out…

To date I haven’t made the drink with fresh lime juice.  Our limes seem to migrate into meals and beer.  I do plan to and there are tons of different variations and recipes for the Gimlet.  Some recipes involve egg whites, fresh mint, basil, and the addition of other citrus like kumquats.  Limes, kumquats and gin! Sounds like a future weekly boozer 😀 Until next time, Cin-Cin!

Weekly Boozer: Hard Apple Cider

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Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider The Saint Artisanal Reserve

Hard Apple Cider is a fermented beverage made from apple juice.  This is the second time I have consumed hard apple cider.  The first was Crispin’s Crisp (from “blue line”) which can literally be summed up in three words “apple jolly rancher” it was actually an article reviewing it as akin to the candy which lead me to sample.  It was dry, but in a pleasing fashion.  This cider was not as dry or tart, it was sweeter and smoother.  The Saint is fermented with Belgian trappist yeast, organic maple syrup and apple wine.  It was almost like non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider with the underlying kick you expect from an alcoholic libation.  I would say though, it has more apple and less sparkle than the non-alcoholic bubbly stuff you see around the holidays.  It also has a nice round sweetness, probably from the maple syrup used in the fermenting process.  This is a cloudy filtration beverage so if residue and sediment in your drink is a turn off you may want to steer clear – as for me I say tilt and swirl to dispense the flavor and enjoy.  I love the natural look of this product… makes it feel homemade and according to their website it helps the cider to remain true its rich full-bodied flavor.

Something else I discovered on their website was a Honey Crisp Cider and given the chance I will definitely pick this up .  While my apple cider experience is limited, I found both beverages to be a fun and tasty exploration of this alcohol.  Given the chance to purchase again I would drink the Crispin Crisp from their blue line over The Saint, but it was just so richly unique and I have a thing for super tart products.  Both are wonderful, especially if you are an apple beverage fan.  Merry drinking!

Weekly Boozer: Kirin Ichiban

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MMMMmmmm Beer – it’s nice to just have a brew after so many holiday libations.  Nice simple tasty beer!  And not a very good picture – sorry people I was really more concerned about drinking the stuff than telling you about it.  Guess that is just the kind of day I have had 🙂

Kirin Ichiban is a Japanese beer, in fact, it translate to Number 1! 🙂 This is a smooth light beer, really pretty plain… with no bitterness.  While Kirin Ichiban is not my first pick for Japanese beers it is generally carried in most grocery and beer stores and goes great with all types of food!