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Crochet: My First Afghan

In Crafts, Crochet, Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm

It’s like crafting steps. There was my first crochet project, my first scarf, my first gift… now my first afghan. It may seem weird to some to be excited about it, but I taught myself to crochet – so I’m kinda thrilled!

As a blanket it’s not real functional. It is heavy and probably warm to a point, because it is made with a bulky weight wool yarn.  But, it has lots of holes. Lots. They add character instead of warmth. Me likey.

This is made with Lion Brand yarn: Wool Ease Thick & Quick. (Once, my husband was helping me look for it… he said what’s it called? Fast & Fat? – close enough! ;))  It is also a Lion Brand yarn pattern – I substituted out two colors.  The bright blue just wasn’t working for me and the purple was way to dark. Originally I loved it.  Then when faced with the actual purchase of the yarn, I couldn’t shake that you are making a mistake feeling.  So I picked a fig color and crimson red – I love how it turned out.  Other than a couple of color changes I followed their instructions to the letter and it was very easy and came together surprisingly quick! I would recommend this as a beginner project and as a lovely gift!

Now I need this display (Link) from Urban Outfitters so I can properly show it off in my bedroom or maybe the entry and I can use the top for hats and scarves…


Yarn Wreath

In Crafts, Uncategorized on March 21, 2011 at 6:20 pm

I was browsing Etsy the other night, as I often do – so fantastic, and I came across a yarn wreath.  I was immediately smitten.  It was the perfect craft too since I just inherited a giant bag of miscellaneous yarn. I googled.  Google is another love of mine 🙂 and it lead me to this tutorial …off I went.

Straw Wreath (Craft Store – $3.50)
Felt x3 sheets (less than $1)
Yarn (free… and in abundance)
Glue gun

Directions: (Follow tutorial above) or in short – Tie yarn off around wreath and begin wrapping, this takes time… elbow grease and if your yarn breaks more knots.  I used A skein of Red Heart and had no such breakage.  Upon completion of wrapping, tie another knot and snip loose ends. I covered this area of the wreath with my adornments.

To prepare felt flowers cut a small or large circle from felt and then cut the circle down into a spiral for twisting – there are pictures of this process on the tutorial link – Thanks Danielle you rock!! Twist the cut ribbons of felt into rose-like flowers and fasten the bottom with hot glue. Once you have created your desired assortment and figured out the preferred arrangement; secure flowers to wreath with hot glue as well. Ta Da – one unique piece of door art done!

This was a fun and easy craft (plus I made this for $5 – seriously!!).  There are really so many options – I went plain and simple for my first wreath and think it will be a good gift!  I have so many plans though; they involve ribbons, buttons, crochet, poms and maybe even a small cat… that is how carried away I am with these wreaths.  Plus it is going to be a great outlet for this surplus yarn! Happy crafting – Emerald

P.S. March in National Craft Month – what are you making? Right now my other pending projects include: sewing an iPad cover, making a shag rug, crocheting my first afghan and yes I confess making more yarn wreaths. 😀