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Snaps: July Edition

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To say that my “break” went longer than expected is an under statement. We had a lot going on this last month and well it was nice to focus on our various visitors and other obligations. In the mix of what was going on I was still taking pictures – well sometimes :/ . Here are some of my favorite shots:

I repainted and antiqued our nightstand – smitten.

It is so stinking hot. Miserably hot…

and everything is dying early, but sprouting in the dead flowers and leaves is a new tree 🙂 

A quick shot during a short rain.

The dog’s wet mug, after playing in the short rain.

It was very exciting… because it’s so stinking hot!!!

Here is the blackboard I painted for the kitchen.

It is an up-cycle from an old painting we weren’t going to keep.

Taken with iPhone.  I just loved processing.

Grandpa Gib – him and his lovely wife came and stayed with us 🙂

This is our dog, hoarding all the mini tennis balls.

We often use one ball to get the one she is holding from her…

she gets fed up and collects them all and then protects them.  😀

Cherry Rose Sangria – recipe coming soon!!

Randomness on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I hope this finds everyone surviving the summer heat. We haven’t been cooking much, but I am ready to get rolling again and get reconnected! EO





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Greetings from a lazy blogger! I have had my youngest nephew since Thursday morning and well to say the least cooking, baking or drinking anything notable hasn’t been in the cards. Nor has any craft semi-related to my life. Our days have been filled with milkshakes, video games, YouTube, fast food, Koolaid, sundaes, computer program/camera lessons, and pure silliness. So much silliness I often go to bed with a sore face, but a happy heart. 

So just wanted to say Hi! Still breathing, haven’t made a whole lot of anything interesting besides jam and I’m taking a breather from my regularly scheduled life! I hope this summer brings you rest, family, and some good ol’ silliness too! 😀

Snaps: June Edition

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Here a few quick shots from our life this last month:

Flowers from the hotel we stayed in while moving. 

 Shelling pecans… baking cookies

Doggy close up. 

One of the first dinners I made in our new casa.

Couple of shots we took while waiting for time to leave.

Bookmobiles (I call them book fountains…) I made to hang in the living room.  

HAPPY 4th of JULY – Be safe, have fun and take pictures! 🙂

Snaps: April & May Edition (LATE Ed.)

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I missed posting my Snaps in April. I fully intended to in May and then tada internet got cut off early. Boo! So now that things are in full swing again I wanted to get it posted before I missed my chance all together! So here are some shots – mostly objects and not people as I spent the majority of these two months living alone while my husband was working in “our future city.” But, I like exploring all different types of photography and having more than just pictures of food to look back on for memories. Here are a few:





Here are some beautiful hand knitted placemats and dishcloths I was given.

I love knowing crafty people – it pays off in the best ways 😀

This is my Mema (grandma) and her ex-sister-in-law who never really stopped being family.

That’s how we roll. Once you are in we don’t let you out. Kinda scary… anyways,

I love the lighting and shadows from the tree. 



Here of course is the token dog shot. She is so purdy 😀 … and I am so smitten 😀




A peak in my floss box. Floss is boss. Embroidery is freakin’ awesome!

I might need an intervention… soon. 

This is my $1 flea market find. Pearl snaps!! Strawberries!! I am so going to rock this while I do yard work. 

My husband is not impressed. At all!


My magnetic spices loaded into a moving box. 

(with a bad – bad glare from our fluorescent light.. well it’s not ours anymore!!)

… from a more groovy perspective. 

A treasure to me. One of the ceramic coffee cups my maternal grandmother cast and painted the year I was born. 

Items like these are the ones you pray to make the move safely. 

I am thrilled to report it made the journey just fine! 

This crazy cute moose was less than a dollar at Ikea. It has brought more joy to our crazy dog than some of the $10 toys she owns. 

She is glad to report it made the move safely. 

It is still bringing her joy. 


Snaps: March Edition

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This has been a busy month full of friends, family, travel, furniture projects, lots of crafts (most unfinished… so no pics of those!) and ended in a sea of wedding dresses.  Here are a few snaps:

MoMo (one and only this post I SWEAR!)

…. she is chewing me out for not – well I don’t know, but whatever it was I wasn’t doing it!

My first completed drawing this year…



Amazing what a little paint will do!


Baby J

Shannon Planning her wedding and suffering the sea of tulle…

she survived with smiles of course 🙂

I have a ton of pictures from this month, but I will spare you.  Just a few mementos of the last 31 days – hope April brings a beautiful spring and blessings to you all!

Snaps: February Edition

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Apparently I didn’t want pictures of people this month… which is weird since it’s the month of “l♥ve” and all.  Not that I didn’t try really… just didn’t happen that way.  There are of course pictures of the dog, but I will spare you from the majority of those, which I am sure are only heart-melting to me!  Alas here are some shots I  took this month that are non-food related (yes it is a miracle!).  Maybe they will help some people get to know me a wee bit better!

This is Shoreline Green – I’m obsessed…

No Really… Teal, Turquoise, Electric Blue… P.S. this is my dog’s favorite bling.

This was my fun nail job, please excuse the ugly hands… focus on the flowers 😉

My husband took this picture. It is the first off a series of flea market finds… $3

I think it would look better in shoreline green! or white… on something painted shoreline green 🙂

$1.50 – the one on the left is from England… the other who knows?

Hippie Plate Setting (Dinner & Salad Plate) $1 – cute for serving cookies!!

Two Tea Cups and Saucers $1 – Also a groovy pattern.

Vintage Teal Syrup Dispenser – $1

Flawless Milk Glass Plate – $5

Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls (LOVE THESE COLORS!!) – $10 (for set!)

Steal of the day for me!! 😀

Madison – what?? I said just a few…

Some of the yarn I am currently working with… my very first afghan.  Fingers crossed!

Playing with Zoom… I like the crazy rushing effect!

Hope you enjoy… hope you are inspired to take pictures of your pet, garage sale, scour flea markets and thrift shops – I certainly love it!!  P.S. I promise to take pictures of people next month. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle… well you remember. ♥ Happy shooting!

Snaps: January Edition

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My goal this year is to take over 10,000 pictures .  For some that may not sound like a lot, but I’m a home photographer and that means about 834 pictures a month.  When you take in account that I don’t have children and taking pictures is not my job… that is a “couple” pictures…

What inspired this goal? A quote actually from the phenomenal photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Your first ten thousand pictures are your worst.”  Not that I am expecting something magically to happen at 10,001, but practice is the idea here.  I love to practice … I love to take pictures… I wish I had a part-time job taking pictures… I might even work for free – love it that much 🙂

Last week I got an opportunity to shoot musicians, which is one of my favorite subjects.  So much movement, sometimes intensity and sometimes pure fun.  Here are a few of my favorites from the night:

Love the focus..(him not the camera)

This kid is so truly talented – it was a pleasure to watch him perform.


This guy was in his own world with his music – love that!





Love the shirt…

Love the joy…

The more I learn about photography and the more pictures I take the more it consumes me.  I am excited about what is to come, even though I have no idea what that will be.  As always, thanks for stopping by and letting me share. 😀