Green Crostini

In Cooking on August 31, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Since our trip to the Dallas Farmers Market dishes have been clean, simple and fresh. It’s been all about utilizing and enjoying the produce in season and not burying those fresh flavors we crave so much in the winter.  This last week has also been about headaches. I have only escape a skull smashing, eye squinting, bed-stricken state twice this week. My husband luckily has been kind, patient and self-sufficient. I have awoken with ice-water at my bedside and never a cross word about lack of cooking or chores undone. I think I’ll keep him!

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Two things I have really enjoyed this last week were a simple Bread Salad and this Green Crostini.  The Bread Salad is simple, sweet and a delicious way to use up leftover bread, or bread ends. I coarsely chopped up two large slices of a loaf of artisan garlic baguette, chopped up 4-5 small tomatoes, tossed in a Tbsp of olive oil, dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste and some coarsely chopped cilantro (any fresh herb will do); toss the bread in the mix letting it absorb the juices and oil and enjoy. It’s so so very good. Plus zip, zero, zelch cooking – on these hundred degree days that is a blessing!


makes 2 servings, four slices 
4 – inch thick slices of baguette (we used our artisan garlic bread) 
butter or oil for toasting bread
1 – large avocado
1 – Tbsp fresh lime juice
1 – Tbsp fresh jalapeno, finely chopped
1 – Tbsp fresh cilantro, roughly chopped
*plus more for serving – if you love it like we do!
2 – Tbsp pistachios, roughly chopped

Directions: Slice baguette; spread oil or butter and toast over medium heat in a skillet. Set aside to cool slightly while you prepare topping. Combine all the ingredients, except the pistachios, and gently mash. Salt and Pepper mixture to taste and then spread on prepared toast; sprinkle with pistachios and extra cilantro if desired.  Enjoy!

This topping is beautiful with all the different shades of green. It is mildly reminiscent of guacamole, but with a salty crunch from the pistachios.  The garlic bread really brought out the flavors of several ingredients, if you were using a plain baguette I would break the “green” theme and add a little garlic to the mix! Hope you enjoy and for tonight I am headache free – hallelujah!

  1. Oh wow! I am going to have this for lunch today. I don’t know about two servings. My avocado is not large, so I may only get three slices… or two piled really high!

    These are all my favorites: Lime, Avocado, Cilantro, Jalapenos… hmmmm…. can’t imagine what to have to wash it down (wink, wink) … but probably not at lunch. (sigh)

    So sorry to hear of your headaches! My former father-in-law used to suffer them and I saw how debilitating they can be, he was in bed for a couple of days even after a trip to the ER. And if he traveled he got the third degree from docs who assumed he was an addict looking for another hit of Demerol!

    We (not the doctors) figured out his were 90% caused by MSG. When he narrowed it down to that trigger and eliminated it, his headaches all but went away. Most flare-ups were tracked back to an accidental exposure so we all became extremely vigilant about it. Of course he’s very high maintenance when eating out (a la Sally in When Harry Met Sally) but it has paid off.

    I know there are a multitude of triggers for these beasts, but hopefully you can figure out yours and that will help. Of course if you’re in Dallas & heat is a trigger… whew! I’m in Oklahoma & it’s been a brutal season. We have a front coming through that should lower temps into the 80s (!!!!) by Sunday! I’m going to sweep the spiders out of my grill and cook out for the first time this year. Hope the cool weather gets all the way down to you guys as well.


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