Weekly Boozer: Sapporo Light

In Uncategorized, Weekly Boozer on August 14, 2011 at 10:12 pm

This weekend was simple, busy, and filled with no fuss food and drink. Sometimes that is nice; other times it’s necessary! We picked this up last week at the corner beer store. I have no idea if it is new or just new to us. I love Sapporo (regular), a Japanese beer, and often buy it when I want a light brew. It is crisp and refreshing, easy-drinking beer.  Since we have been cutting calories lately this seemed like a natural choice. Of course light is never the real thing. Let’s face it Diet Dr. Pepper tastes nothing like Dr. Pepper and Corona Light well who knows what happened there. This too is its own beverage.

Beer pours a pale golden straw with about a finger of white head. It is very light-bodied, smooth and has a slight tanginess to it with just a touch of sweetness; however, the flavor is not very strong and thus it would essentially go with anything without overpowering the flavor. This is a salad beer. Yes, salad beer – you can drink this with a salad. Hey, it happens. But, I guess overall the best word I can think of to describe it is meek. It doesn’t have an after-taste and has a pleasant carbonation; but regular Sapporo is mucho mucho better!

We will drink this beer, not pour it down the drain – I don’t know what that means really lol. I will probably never buy it again though. So I guess it is drinkable, but not noteworthy. Just a cold, slightly frothy beer that passed an evening on the porch one Saturday. Hope your weekend was grand! EO


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