In Personal, Photography on July 10, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Greetings from a lazy blogger! I have had my youngest nephew since Thursday morning and well to say the least cooking, baking or drinking anything notable hasn’t been in the cards. Nor has any craft semi-related to my life. Our days have been filled with milkshakes, video games, YouTube, fast food, Koolaid, sundaes, computer program/camera lessons, and pure silliness. So much silliness I often go to bed with a sore face, but a happy heart. 

So just wanted to say Hi! Still breathing, haven’t made a whole lot of anything interesting besides jam and I’m taking a breather from my regularly scheduled life! I hope this summer brings you rest, family, and some good ol’ silliness too! 😀

  1. great times with kids are remarkable. Loved you and T’s pictures last week. You are closer to us, maybe we’ll be able to get together!! Love, Grandma L.

    • Thanks! We are excited about being in a more central location so we can take trips to see more of the family. Hope this finds y’all doing well. Love, Becky & Trevor

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