Snaps: April & May Edition (LATE Ed.)

In Crafts, Personal, Photography on June 20, 2011 at 9:15 pm

I missed posting my Snaps in April. I fully intended to in May and then tada internet got cut off early. Boo! So now that things are in full swing again I wanted to get it posted before I missed my chance all together! So here are some shots – mostly objects and not people as I spent the majority of these two months living alone while my husband was working in “our future city.” But, I like exploring all different types of photography and having more than just pictures of food to look back on for memories. Here are a few:





Here are some beautiful hand knitted placemats and dishcloths I was given.

I love knowing crafty people – it pays off in the best ways 😀

This is my Mema (grandma) and her ex-sister-in-law who never really stopped being family.

That’s how we roll. Once you are in we don’t let you out. Kinda scary… anyways,

I love the lighting and shadows from the tree. 



Here of course is the token dog shot. She is so purdy 😀 … and I am so smitten 😀




A peak in my floss box. Floss is boss. Embroidery is freakin’ awesome!

I might need an intervention… soon. 

This is my $1 flea market find. Pearl snaps!! Strawberries!! I am so going to rock this while I do yard work. 

My husband is not impressed. At all!


My magnetic spices loaded into a moving box. 

(with a bad – bad glare from our fluorescent light.. well it’s not ours anymore!!)

… from a more groovy perspective. 

A treasure to me. One of the ceramic coffee cups my maternal grandmother cast and painted the year I was born. 

Items like these are the ones you pray to make the move safely. 

I am thrilled to report it made the journey just fine! 

This crazy cute moose was less than a dollar at Ikea. It has brought more joy to our crazy dog than some of the $10 toys she owns. 

She is glad to report it made the move safely. 

It is still bringing her joy. 


  1. I’m a new follower so this is the first time I’ve seen your “snaps” posting. I love it. Piles of fabric and fibers make me swoon. I need to pile up some of my great-grandmother’s crocheted treasures to share with family. I hit the jackpot with embroidery floss at the Salvation Army last week, that’ another “must shoot” image.
    Family Reunion is what I think of when I see the dappled light on your two crafty ladies. Love it!
    Your dog reminds me of Yoshi, my shiba inu, right down to the furrowed brow. 🙂

    • Thanks Jan! I love taking pictures of piles of fabric, yarn… you name it and hey these are parts of my life I want to remember too!

      Embroidery is so addictive! I am jealous of your Salvation Army score – can’t wait to see your images!! 😀

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