Not dead yet…

In Personal, Uncategorized on June 18, 2011 at 11:50 am

All right stop collaborate and listen, I’m back with my brand new invention. Not really – well at least the invention part, but I am back and ready to resume the blogging. That song just creeped its way into my head when I started this post. It happens… darn 90’s.

It has been 1 month+. During that time I entertained guests, made several trips to Austin, moved states, was without internet (yes WITHOUT) for almost three weeks, lost 7lbs in one week and did more crafting than cooking or baking. It has been crazy! I felt exiled without the web to entertain me and keeping in touch is way more difficult. Getting internet back after that time was overwhelming. I just deleted everything. So if you sent something important… re-send please? In the meantime, I was extremely productive. I guess the lack of Facebook, Netflix and Pinterest will do that to a person.

It overall has been nice. We like our new town and are finally settling into the new digs. I have eaten out a lot. Too much. Your kitchen being in boxes kinda has that effect. I also took very few pictures and took no notes while cooking – it was nice!

Anyways, just wanted to say hello! Still alive over here and happy to be cooking and baking again!! Love, EO (and Maddy… she loves you too!)

P.S. Sorry if you spend the rest of the day with Vanilla Ice stuck in your head 😉

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