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My husband is in California this week on business, well they say it’s “business”. I have a hard time believing it since they are at Disney Land… yeah right 😉 I am taking advantage of his absence and not cooking.  Not cooking = no dishes which in turn = vacation for me, at least it certainly feels that way.  It also means I can enjoy those foods my husband hates with no guilt! I am also taking this short cooking break to finish up several craft projects and reacquaint myself with a running routine.  I have grown lax in my workout routine and this seemed like a good time to refocus.  Hello running I missed you – NOT. It’s been a rough week, as of today I have logged 10.6 miles on the treadmill. I hurt in places I was not aware were apart of my body. It’s special and I have yarn burn from crocheting too much – oh yes it’s true.

Anyways, I wanted to take this time to share some recipes we have tried over the last couple of weeks from other food bloggers (click the food titles to go to recipes):

From Katie Goodman @ goodLife {eats}
Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

These were very light with a good balance between the two flavors. We didn’t do the fancy double colored icing (which by the way the icing was the best part – my brother even opted to eat it on brownies!) The cakes were very mild in flavor and good for picky eaters – I prefer more of a lemon punch! The texture though was spot on.  Picture courtesy of goodLife {eats}.

From David Lebovitz
Potato Leek Soup

I am convinced that David Lebovitz can do no wrong.  I even read the ingredient section of his cookbooks, because I love the way he writes.  It’s real and if you read his blog hilarious.  This soup is wonderful, no decadent and the only change that I made was the addition of bacon.  I know it would be wonderful without it, but I love LOVE love the flavor of leeks cooked in bacon grease and then we used the cook bacon to garnish the soup as well.  Picture courtesy of David Lebovitz website.


From Danelle @ Let’s Dish
Queso Blanco

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting that chips and queso.  This is no exception.  I love making my own cheese sauces and queso.  Weird I know, but there is something about creamy cheese that is just good.  I don’t know how I ended up on this site, but it is chalk-full of yummy yummy eats – you should check it out. Picture courtesy of Let’s Dish

From Mowie Kay @ Mowielicious
Japanese Soft Cheesecakes

Mowie Kay takes amazing photographs and since we eat with our eyes first, his site will make you Hungry.  Reading this blog inspires me to work on my food photography, which is coming along slowly… In addition there are so many amazing recipes.  We tried these Japanese Cheesecake recipe, but instead of making the frosting with cherry blossom and raspberry sugar – we substituted in real strawberries.  (though I look forward to trying it his way as well…) The cakes were light as cotton.  The flavor was also incredibly light with only a hint of sweetness. This of course works out since we topped it with plenty homemade strawberry buttercream frosting- delish. Picture courtesy of mowielicious.

From P-Dub aka Pioneer Woman
Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork

Like hundreds of thousand of other folks – I adore this woman.  She is fun, creative, generous to a fault and a  darned good cook.  We try out lots of her recipes and I guess I enjoy so many of them because they remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen.  After reading this we tried it on the same theory as PW; that if ham cooked in Dr. Pepper is good, then why not other meat.  It’s true and surprisingly not real sweet. I rubbed my pork butt with salt and cumin – that is the only addition we made. Picture courtesy of Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Happy cooking to you and no dishes this week to me – Hooray!

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