Weekly Boozer: Jim Beam & Ginger Ale

In Uncategorized, Weekly Boozer on March 26, 2011 at 5:45 pm

I realized when I chose this that it will be the second Ginger Ale based cocktail in a short time.  But, it is H-O-T  hot down here in Central Texas and this is a very cooling and refreshing drink.  In fact, we were first introduced to this upon moving to the Hill Country and it quickly became one of my husband’s favorites.  He loves Jim Beam – me not the most avid fan, but there is something about the sweet sparkle of the ginger ale cut by that Kentucky Bourbon twang that quite simply works.


You can of course make this libation, the recipe is on the Jim Beam website. Alas to me it is just not the same as the stuff from the can.  Which by the way is good straight from the can, but on a hot spring day such as this a little ice never hurt anything.  Hope the rest of your weekend is cool and refreshing ♥

  1. Lol – I’m basically going to hate on you for every Weekly Boozer. I am putting in a request. Can you start thinking now about a special “Alisa Just Had Her Baby” cocktail to feature the week Tiny Chef graces us with his/her presence? That would make me quite happy. And then come down to see the baby after the mothers/in-laws have gone home and drink one, dozens with me. Fair?

    • Sounds totally fair, especially since it gives me one more reason to come! See the baby, see the mommy, and bartend – check 🙂 in the meantime remember that I love you and I’m sorry for posting these forbiddens 😉

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