Weekly Boozer: Magic Hat-Vinyl

In Uncategorized, Weekly Boozer on February 26, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Seasonal beers seem to be growing in both popularity and production.  We picked one up this weekend produced by Magic Hat Brewing Company: (Spring Seasonal) Vinyl Amber Lager.

Amber right off the bat covers the color of this yeasty, slightly bitter beer.  At first smell – yeast, and then hints of smoke, caramel, a nice spring grassiness.  While the beer has a lot of aroma it was not an overly complex beer, mildly hoppy, not overly bitter and slightly sweet with a hint of apple flavor.  The beer, when poured, has about a two finger off-white head which falls quickly.  All around I found it to be a pretty tasty treat.

How I arrived at my decision to drink this beer? Marketing of course! I am a sucker for the labels and this one does not fall short!! I mean these colors are fantastic! It also has a great vintage side-show appeal and I am glad it lured me in 🙂 So overall review very drinkable, would not drink everyday (due to the sweetness factor) – worth the $$.

Hope you have a hoppy weekend! 😀


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