Bacon, Basil & Gruyere Quesadilla

In Cooking, Uncategorized on February 21, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Is there anything better than bacon? (Ok… ok maybe butter – MAYBE!)  I had homemade bacon for the first time last night (follow the link… literally I ate that bacon!! 😀 ).   It was amazing… life changing… addictive.  So today I was left wanting, and though these were not made with “that bacon” they were still yummy!

I think more people should cook for lunch.  In fact, this is a quick recipe which would be great for lunch, an appetizer, or a great late night snack. Best part? It only took me about 7-8 minutes, with the prep, start to finish.

Bacon Basil & Gruyere Quesadilla

2 slices of bacon, diced
2 tortillas
finely shredded gruyere
4-5 fresh basil leaves

Directions: Heat skillet to medium-high and cook diced bacon.  While bacon is cooking shred gruyere and either tear or chop up basil (I prefer a chiffonade).  Once bacon is cooked to your standards transfer to paper towel., leaving rendered fat in skillet. Assemble your quesadilla on a tortilla with a layer of cheese (as much or little as you desire) and then top with bacon and basil and the other tortilla.  Fry the quesadilla in the bacon fat rendered in the skillet.  (If you choose to make this without bacon, use olive oil and brush onto both sides of tortilla.)  Cook until each side is golden and the contents melted; serve!

Yum.  The cheese is mild, nutty and slightly sweet; the bacon of course is salty and using the grease to fry the tortilla – oh my; and then the fresh basil brings this pop which not only brings great flavor, but a fantastic aroma.  So good!  This would be yummy without the bacon, but come on you know you want bacon!! 😀 Other meats and/or types of bacon, like pancetta, would also be delicious.

Hope you cook lunch for yourself soon. ♥

  1. Glad you liked the bacon! These are all some of my favorite ingredients, it sounds pretty great, almost like a calzone quesadilla. Thinking about herbs and such the cilantro sauce from the nachos (linked in the bacon post) would be great in a quesadilla too.

  2. Yum, that looks fantastic!

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