Weekly Boozer: Gimlet

In Uncategorized, Weekly Boozer on January 30, 2011 at 8:14 pm

I took a drink personality test once.  Yes… I did, this is apparently also a confession… that once I might have wasted five minutes of my life answering questions to see what kind of drink I was based on my personality.  I was a Gimlet.  I think the test was rigged; my husband was a Gimlet.  We have very different personalities, but “we” are Gimlets.

Needless to say a) I would attach a link, if I could remember or find this elicit test (it was on Food & Wine website, or Epicurious… or Gourmet – some site along those lines.)  I would love for you to take it… you might be a Gimlet too; b) I didn’t know what a Gimlet was (a small sad feeling… not knowing my own drink personality, since we have been  together for so long. ;))  I quickly investigated and mixed it up (recipe below).  Turns out that many believe the Gimlet was created by an early 20th century British naval surgeon to combat scurvy.  I hate scurvy too, maybe they are on to something with this 🙂

But on with the show, it is a tasty and super easy little number.   If you are a fan of sweet, lime, and gin (or vodka) then you should give it a shake!  I personally think it is a bit sweet this way, while my husband adores it.  You can tone it down with a splash of club soda… or make it with fresh lime juice and a sweetener like simple syrup or powdered sugar – keeping you in control of the sugar level!


Tools & Directions: Cocktail Shaker; shake and strain into a martini or old-fashioned glass (any container really…). A lime garnish would be nice, but hey we are fresh out…

To date I haven’t made the drink with fresh lime juice.  Our limes seem to migrate into meals and beer.  I do plan to and there are tons of different variations and recipes for the Gimlet.  Some recipes involve egg whites, fresh mint, basil, and the addition of other citrus like kumquats.  Limes, kumquats and gin! Sounds like a future weekly boozer 😀 Until next time, Cin-Cin!

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