Cupboard Keepers: Agave Nectar

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Agave Nectar is a liquid sweetener which is less thick than honey and maple syrup, but has a sweeter taste (about 1.5x sweeter).   Perks of using Agave include it’s a natural sweetener extracted from the Agave plant, it has the lowest glycemic index of all the sweeteners (low immediate effect on blood sugar), it has a long shelf life (won’t crystallize), and it dissolves quickly in hot and cold liquids.   Of course, like all sugars Agave should be used in moderation as it is a fructose product.  I have not used Agave for baking yet, but apparently compared to other alternative sweetness (like stevia) it has no shortcomings.

Agave Nectar ranges from light to dark.  Light has a very neutral flavor making it perfect to flavor sauces and beverages, while the amber (medium) has almost a caramel flavor.  I have not purchased dark before, but apparently it has a strong caramel flavor and is used for meat, coffee, baking, and is sometimes used as a substitute for syrup on pancakes and waffles.  Agave can be used in any recipe, use 3/4 cup Agave per 1 cup of other sweetener.

I love this stuff!  It is my go to sweetener for tea, greek yogurt, and I often substitute it when honey is called for in a recipe.

  1. Agave nectar! So glad to see it getting some love!
    I find it a perfect substitute for a touch of sugar in my coffee, and I also like to use equal parts honey and agave when making salad dresses, herbal teas, and other drinks. It gives things a little bit more body and a more mild taste than when you use honey alone.
    Just saw your post through Foodpress…good work. : )

  2. Great investigation! I will try it. I think this is what David’s dad uses (he’s diabetic too).

  3. @Terry – just be careful how much you consumme, there are varying opinions on the safety of diabetics using this sweetener, even though it’s natural and has a low GI some diabetics react poorly after consumption.

  4. The caramel flavored one makes me swoon when I put it on my yogurt. It’s like eating cheesecake!

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