She is the MoMo, at least in our house she is…

In Personal, Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Six years ago this week I adopted Madison (MoMo) from an animal shelter in Plainview, Texas.  It was a spontaneous and uneducated decision.  I didn’t check with my roommate, apartment, or bank account.  I just happened upon a website sidebar ad to adopt a pet (while surfing the net at work – haha!) and before I knew it I was staring at this puppy named Ashley at a shelter near me.  Needless to say before the day was out my boss was driving me to Plainview and $25 later I had made one of the best decisions of my life.  If you know Maddy she is so smart and filled with personality that its uncanny at times.  Anyways to celebrate I thought I would  share what MoMo loves in life.

MoMo’s TOP TEN ❤ Things:

1)  Me (duh! I am the Mama)

2)  Popcorn (she recognizes  the bags!!! you can’t mention it or she will park it under the microwave and God forbid you leave it in there popped – she will hunt you down, stomp her foot and chew you out.  This is a serious snack people!)

3)  Ice (it’s true – this is just as good as any other treat!!  She can also spot a sonic from about 800 yards away.)

4)  Carrots (this is our go to snack in the fridge.)

5)  Mashed Potatoes (If you make them she will come, behave and camp out under the bowl until you give in and feed her.)

6)  Booze (Yes, our dog has consumed a brew or two and she is very passionate about everything from aperitif to wine – sharing is serious business in our house!!)

7)  Hugs ❤ (Did you have a bad day?  Need a cuddle?  My dog will give a true, deep-hearted, bona fide hug from the bottom of her heart and you’ll feel better for it!)

8)  Jewelry (My dog digs necklaces.  It started as a dollar section, bored out of my mind, beading project and well I have created a monster.  She is serious about it and now has an interest in scarves – sigh.  It’s not easy raising a Diva!)

9)  Papa (This is what we call my Dad and for reasons unbeknown to me she is obsessed with him and will park it by her leash for hours at the mention of his name.  I think he gives her secret bologna, but am still lacking the proof. :/ )

10)  Total annihilation (Of her toys that is.  There seems to be something deeply satisfying about blinding and gutting stuffed animals for our furry little child.  She has Daddy issues. 😉 )

I’m sure you noticed that all the consumables were higher on the list – she is a dog!! But, she  loves you and is available for a hug anytime you need.   -Beck

  1. I need a MoMo hug today 😦

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